Maura Murray Missing: The Basics

On a chilly afternoon in February 2004, Maura Murray made a decision that would forever change her life: the 21 year old left her Umass Amherst college campus, drove her barely-running car to the mountains of New Hampshire…. and disappeared into thin air. After her car swerved and crashed while taking a turn on an icy, desolate backroad, neighbors in surrounding country homes saw Maura exit her car around 7:20pm. One witness even briefly spoke with her. Several people watched Maura out of their windows while calling police, letting them know a young woman had just been in an accident. But then, the bizarre happened. Police arrived to the scene….but there was no Maura. From the time the last neighbor peered out through their curtains to check on Maura and the police arrived (a period estimated to be around 60 seconds), something happened to Maura Murray. She was gone, without a trace. To this day there has not been a single lead or piece of evidence that indicates what might have happened, or where Maura could be. How is it possible that a young woman is able to disappear on a low-traffic street in a tiny New Hampshire town right in front of people, without anyone seeing a thing?

Maura Murray Crash Site: Curve by ‘The Weathered Barn’;          Route 112 Haverhill NH

There are many theories as to what happened to Maura Murray on that cold winter night. This website will explore what people working on the case believe could have happened. Theories ranging from an abduction by an opportunistic killer, to Maura running into the woods to hide from police and never coming out, to a police cover-up and even a staged car crash to assume a new identity and live a new life will be covered in depth. We will also be posting actual evidence from the case that has been released such as phone records and transcripts. With Maura’s case, there is so much more than what meets the eye, and there appeared to be a series of strange events in the days leading up to her disappearance– what role did they play? Warning: If you are new to the Maura Murray Case, get ready….you WILL be hooked.

Police have never been able to solve this case, but a huge community of online detectives have been investigating and playing out all possible scenarios in hopes of bringing an answer to one of true crime’s most popular questions: What happened to Maura Murray?

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Website Note/About Us: We are a website devoted to exploring and analyzing all possible, rational theories regarding Maura Murray’s disappearance, and archiving pertinent information and evidence related to the case. After nearly 14 years and no resolution, it is our belief that the case has the potential to be solved by people working together and going over absolutely everything with a fine tooth comb. The more eyes on this case, the better, as you truly never know if someone will notice something significant that has been overlooked in the past that could tie things together. We welcome guest writers who are well versed in the events surrounding the Maura Murray disappearance and believe they have something to contribute. Please note that we are NOT affiliated with the New Hampshire State Police, any type of professional investigative units working on the case, or the Murray family. We are several people who have been following Maura Murray’s case for years, live local to the area, and want a resolution and justice for Maura and her family. Additionally, we are in the process of saving money to put towards a fund to raise additional awareness about the case, and are very open to suggestions on the best way to do this (ie; billboards, paying for professional search, etc). If you have a tip, no matter big, small, or even uncertainty, we cannot urge you enough to contact both the New Hampshire State Police Cold Case Unit and the Murray family, which we have left links to on the ‘Tips page. “Time To Turn This Case Around; Let’s Make Maura Murray Found!”