maura murray atm video footage released

Maura Murray ATM Video Footage Has Been Released (Full Video)

Wow. After years of requests from the public and Murray family themselves, the Maura Murray ATM video footage has finally been released. You can see the full Maura Murray ATM video here (link).

While DNA tests on the season finale of Oxygen’s The Disappearance of Maura Murray were inconclusive, it was a huge win for the Murray family to both have the ATM video footage released, as well as learn the news from Art and Maggie that Maura’s case has been FULLY reopened. They are starting back at square one, day one, and will be re-interviewing EVERYONE, sending Maura’s info across country borders, and more. I cannot explain how thrilled I am for this, and for the family. While many people were skeptical about the show, it’s undeniable that Maggie and Art’s hard work has paid off and moved mountains, by getting both public and police interest renewed.
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When the Murray family was watching the ATM video, Maura’s sister Julie Murray made an interesting observation: she did not recognize the coat Maura was wearing. For years it has been speculated that Maura was wearing a dark colored winter coat when she disappeared. It is even listed as this on her ‘Missing’ posters.  However, Maura was without a doubt wearing a light colored coat in the ATM video. The security cameras at Bank of America only shoot footage every several seconds, so while the footage is grainy and in black and white, you can absolutely see that the coat is either white or gray/light pastel colored. Maura’s hair is also up in a bun. Butch Atwood, the last known person to see Maura at her car accident site, said he thought Maura’s hair was down. Of course she could have taken it out of the elastic, or it could have fallen out, but that was interesting. There were over 20 images in the full video set, but the police asked the show to keep several out, as they included cars/people walking by outside. All those individuals are unrelated and have been cleared, just people going about their day at a shopping center.

Listening now to the live aftershow, Maggie says that Fred Murray wrote Maura’s two UMass friends – Kate and Sara- an email asking them to participate in the show. Sara never replied. Kate gave a response along the lines of “Well, ok, if you trust these people…” but then would not answer subsequent requests for contact from the show. Yikes. As Maggie says, they will be re-interviewed now by police. Perhaps they just don’t want to be ‘raked though the coals’ through media and speculation, as Maggie says. But it would have been excellent and extremely helpful to gain insight from people who were involved in her life shortly before she disappeared forever.

Maura’s case does not end with the TV show. Hopefully, the show will be a new beginning.

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