The Maura Murray Case is close to being solved, says 'The Disappearance of Maura Murray' Oxygen show host during a radio interview with WAAF Boston.

Is Maura Murray’s Case About to be SOLVED?! Maggie Freleng Thinks So! (Radio Interview)

Is Maura’s case about to be solved?! This morning Maggie Freleng, investigative journalist on Oxygen’s show ‘The Disappearance of Maura Murray’  was on WAAF, a Boston radio station, for a call-in interview about the six part series. Here is a link to the full audio of the interview about Maura Murray. While the interview started out pretty standard (she couldn’t give away too much since the show still is running- she’ll be able to talk a lot more after the finale), she dropped a bit of a bombshell at the end. Here are 'The Disappearance of Maura Murray' host Maggie Freleng appears on WAAF radio show, where she reveals Maura Murray is close to being solved! the exact quotes:
Maggie: “…if anybody does have any tips or knows anything, I have been getting a lot, and we have passed them onto police and they’re looking at them..and we do think this case is pretty close to being solved. So, if there is something you’ve been holding onto for 13 years please email me, the state police, Art…any of us..”
Greg Hill (Radio Host): “Wait a minute, so you’re telling me that as the series continues, you guys are now close to there being an arrest?!?”
Maggie: “No, I wouldn’t say that…we still don’t have any suspects, but you know…people are saying things they haven’t said in 13 years and naming names of people and putting things out there and are saying “13 years ago I didn’t feel comfortable with this, I was afraid of this person, but now this person is dead so I [now comfortably] feel like I can say this. The police take this very, very seriously. They’re going back and doing these interviews

This is huge news. Really, REALLY great news. From the beginning my biggest hope (I think everyone’s biggest hope!) was that a show about Maura Murray’s case would give it exposure on a level large enough to generate new leads – or in a dream scenario, the Maura Murray case would be solved! Maggie pretty much confirms at least part of this has been happening, and solving Maura’s disappearance is now within reach! I keep going back, trying to dissect her words for more clues, while keeping in mind she has to be tight lipped for the series/network’s integrity in maintaining viewership. She says “we” think the case is close to being solved. Who is “we“? She mentions the police in the same sentence, so is she saying that the police also agree that based on all the new info generated they are close to solving the case, or is she just referring to her/Art/the crew involved? The comments about people feeling more comfortable coming forward now because someone (or multiple people?) are dead is also fascinating. I’m trying not to speculate too much, as of course there are likely people police have looked into that we have no idea about, but there is also one MAJOR person connected to the case who has since passed away, and I can’t help but wonder if any of these tips are about him. Patience is a virtue! Great job, Maggie!

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  • Maybe she is taking about Butch Atwood? Butch Atwood was the school bus driver who says he was the only witness to Maura Murray’s car accident. He lived on Wild Amnousouc Road, opposite side of the accident. Butch died in Florida. She could be talking about him when she repeats that people have phoned in tips who were afraid to talk until the person passed away.

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