Maura Murray Cell Phone Records : Organized & Easy to Read

There’s been a scanned copy of Maura Murray’s original cell phone records floating around the internet for awhile. Today I worked on compacting it into a PDF Chart so it’s easier to read and analyze. I also added some notes when applicable. I think the log offers a lot of insight into the days leading up to Maura’s disappearance. There were several interesting things I noticed when I had the logs in front of me, which I will make separate posts on. For now, here is the hard copy of Maura Murray’s Cell Phone Records / Call Logs from February 2nd 2004 to February 9th 2004 (right up to her very last call, which was checking her UMass Voicemail from her cell phone at 4:37 pm). Three hours later, and she was never seen or heard from again. That really hit me. Life can truly change in an instant. Note: It was found that someone attempted to call Maura shortly before her accident which pinged off a tower in Londonberry, NH. That is not on cell phone records, as the call was not answered (it was discovered when Sprint went through records and remains a mystery that needs to be solved, as it shows SOMEONE called her shortly before she vanished, from the state she vanished in).Clicking the below link will open the call logs in a new window for easy viewing:

MAURA MURRAY CALL LOG (Cell Phone Records) Link

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