Maura Murray: Police Logs & 911 Call Transcripts

      Copy of Grafton Country Sheriff Department & Haverhill Police Logs                                       Regarding Maura Murray Accident
In a continued attempt
to make all documents related to the Maura Murray disappearance easier to read (many of them are old, scanned copies that are hard to make out), we have been converting them into readable PDF format. Today we transcribed a copy of The Grafton Country Sheriff’s Department Logs from 02/09/04 (the date Maura Murray went missing) to 02/10/04. These police logs show everything from police, fire, and EMS dispatch and response times to descriptions of the 911 calls from neighbors Faith Westman and the Butch Atwood Residence. Reading these made me scratch my head, and there are certain points that are very inconsistent with other police statements. For example, it was said that Police, Fire AND EMS all searched for Maura. This shows that EMS was only on the scene for several minutes. Rather odd that they would be called off when a potential accident victim was missing. Another oddity is the fact the record indicates Lavoie’s towing arrived on scene and towed the vehicle to Lavoie’s Auto Care. Fred Murray has said from the start the car was NOT towed to the auto center as police have stated both in the report and when questioned, but it was put in the tower’s personal garage with his own car. What’s with that?!
       The communication between Fred Murray and the Haverhill Police department was also concerning. He had been notified that his daughter was missing and called them back….receiving no response. It took multiple calls and him stressing how urgent it was that an officer calls him back before one  finally did. Click the link below to view the log.



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  • Thank you for taking the time to do this. the original copies were getting hard to read. the quality goes down each time an image is saved and reposted because of pixel degradation. Cant wrap my brain about the call maura got from kathleen murray. why would it take so long for her to breakdown? the call from bill rausch was right before her breakdown not her sister kathleeen. Has bill rausch said what maura said to him on the phone that very late evening? something doesnt feel right about how it is being explained on the disappearance of maura murray episodes. that cannot be why she left just over a phone call? i want to learn more and hope kathleen will be on more shows….

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