Maura Murray’s Jacket in ATM Video: Do You Recognize the Logo?

In the last blog I mentioned the jacket Maura Murray was wearing in the recently released ATM video footage shown on the season finale of Oxygen’s The Disappearance of Maura Murray. While Maura’s father Fred had seen the video before, it was the first time her siblings Julie and Kurt Murray had viewed it. Within seconds Maura’s sister Julie Murray mentioned the winter jacket Maura was wearing and seemed surprised by it, stating she did not recognize it. Kurt agreed.
Maura Murray ATM Video Footage Frame Picture

All of Maura’s missing person’s posters, and even the information listed on the national missing persons databases and websites, state that Maura was likely wearing a “dark colored coat” at the time of her disappearance. However, the ATM video footage (as low resolution as it is) clearly shows it to be a LIGHT colored jacket. Since the ATM video was just hours before her car crash, I would assume it’s very likely this is the coat Maura had on when she went missing.

Police have had this video from the beginning, so why wouldn’t the missing persons flyers list accurate information? Barring the possibility that there is information they are withholding from another solid source that she switched jackets, this seems like a pretty big oversight.

I’ve been rewatching the video to see if there are any other small details I can find. Maura is wearing her hair up in the video, and has at least two hair clips in the front & back to secure it. School bus driver Butch Atwood (the last person on record to see her, and only neighbor to interact with her after her crash) stated her hair was down, despite Maura being known for almost always wearing her hair up. According to inventory police took (see James Renner’s ‘What They Found in Maura’s Car’ post), no hair clips were found in her vehicle, leading to the possibility that Maura was still wearing them in her hair when she went missing (and leading me to question if her hair being down was accurate). A minor thing, I know, but it makes me question Butch’s reliability as a witness even more.

Today, I noticed there is a logo on Maura’s jacket. It’s easy to miss, as in some of the shots it is obscured by her collar. I’m interested in trying to figure out the type of coat she was wearing. Hard to do since the video is such poor quality, but it looks almost like a ski or snowboard style jacket. At first I thought it was the jacket she was wearing in the photo above where she is holding a Christmas gift bag, but that can be ruled out as the pattern doesn’t match and the logos are different both in pattern and placement.

The logo in the ATM video looks almost triangular, and my first thought was Adidas, though I can’t find many examples of them making a winter coat like that in the early 2000’s (I’m searching for both men’s and women’s jackets). Based on the style, it looks more like a North Face, but I’m not sure if the logo would match, it’s just too hard to tell. I wonder if Maura’s family have since been able to remember her owning a jacket like this.

While, again, this may seem like a minuscule detail, what if someone came across a jacket when searching for her but didn’t think twice since it’s always been said Maura’s jacket was dark? I think even the smallest things have the possibility to be big things in a case where so little is known.

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